1. GCu rear sight riser mount $29.95

GCu rear sight riser mount $29.95

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Gcu rear sight riser mount for Ar15/m4
  • Aluminum design
  • Rear sight adjustable 
  • Fits picatinny rail
If your mask prevents you from using your optics on the top rail of your receiver because it's too low, and mounting optics on top of the carry handle is just too high, then the CA Rail Mount Base w/Rear Sight is the perfect medium. This rail attaches to the top rail of the upper receiver on your M4/M16 just like the regular carry handle but it is equipped with another rail that is only half as tall. This will allow the user to mount any kind of optics at the perfect height for use even with a full face mask. Don't risk getting your teeth shot out by only wearing goggles so you can see through your scope, keep your full face mask on and mount your optics on top of the Classic Army Rail Mount Base.

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