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Ar 15 full Auto 7.62x39 BCG w/Carpenter 158 Bolt melonite

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Part Number: gcu762x39bcg
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Ar 15 full Auto 7.62x39 BCG w/Carpenter 158 Bolt melonite

This complete M16 Bolt Carrier Assembly is Chrome Lined inside the Carrier for long wear, and includes a staked-on Gas Key with Chrome Lining, a complete Bolt Assembly, Cam Pin, Firing Pin, and Firing Pin Retaining Pin. All components are of the highest quality, Bolt material is magnetic particle inspected and certified against internal flaws. This Complete Bolt Carrier is guaranteed to fit and function in your Ar-15 rifle, and many others - ready to insert in your Upper Receiver and take to the range.

  • limited lifetime warranty
    • full auto Rated
    • M16 Heavy duty carrier
    • 8620 carrier with grade 8 screws
    • Cnc Milled gas key Nitrided
    • Nitride Finish
    • Properly staked
    • 762x39 bolt mpi (carpenter 158) 
    • Standard Firing pin
    • Mil-spec ar15-7.62x39
    • Rated for full auto
    • Perfectly legal to use in the semi auto
    • Best bolt you can own and use
    Not recommended to use with Tula , Bear...etc or any the surplus 762x39 ammo. This bolt will cycle all  these type of ammo but the inconsistent powders and primers will cause miss fires and malfunction, steel casing is know to cause  extractor damage to the bolt. 
Best ammo recommended is brass ammunition , we have tons of experience with Fiocchi 762x39 runs flawless . 

Ar15 bolt carrier goup is made of Mil-spec Carpenter 158 steel, Shot peened, High pressure tested and Mag Particle Inspected.   Gas key is machined out of bar stock, chrome lined phosphate coated, and secured with grade 8 fasteners and staked per mil-spec. AR 15 Bolt carrier assembly is phosphated outside and chrome lined inside, our M16 bolt carrier assembly comes with different caliber bolts depending on specific caliber built.

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